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Hi , my name is Bethanne Micallef and I really love and value feeling, looking and BEING healthy.

I have been interested in natural health since the birth of my first baby some forty- one years ago! Since that time I have been conscious of eating nutritiously (although definitely not perfectly!), and have followed a healthy lifestyle (with its many personal and environmental aspects), as much as I could .

Studying aromatherapy in 1993 , and a Natural Skin Care course in 1995 led to a passion for essential oils, and their efficacy as part of healthy everyday living, as well as care of the skin.

Over the yearsI have loved to experiment and produce products for myself, friends and others, that truly do nourish, soothe and hydrate the skin.

In my business Kubaba Aromatics I am keen to share and inspire on a variety of health topics.

In particular I would like to encourage others to enjoy the 'feel good' feeling of having healthy skin that looks as good as it can at any age... Through a healthy way of life that supports well being, and simple , natural and effective skin care, that is  mostly organic , and affordable for all 

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kubaba aromatics skincare

Our products are handmade, locally and without the addition of synthetic chemicals, fragrances, binders, fillers, or emulsifying agents.

The products are natural, easy to use and effective.

Skincare is based on beeswax, emulsifying wax, nourishing nut and vegetable oils, hydrosols, flower waters, plant extracts and pure essential oils. All are preserved with plant based preservatives which act as antioxidants and anti-microbials. Essential oils like lavender and rose geranium regenerate skin cells and balance the skin.

The regimen, like each of the products, is uncomplicated. Skin will be left feeling great and you can be assured that you are doing your body, as well as the environment, a favour.


the regime


Brown Sugar Scrub smells deliciously of sweet orange and lime essential oils. It is to be massaged very gently onto damp skin. It sloughs off dry skin cells, leaving a smooth, refreshed skin, well prepared for the rest of the routine.


Gently massage a small amount of Ayuervedic Facial Oil, or Mild Castile Soap Cleaner onto damp skin. Always use clean hands and avoid the eye area. Remove either cleanser with a damp cloth.


Green Tea Toner freshens the skin. Dab a little on a cotton ball, to remove the last vestiges of grime and makeup. Alternatively rose or lavender hydrosols may be used, to firm and tone, and to facilitate the ensuing moisturizing process.


Apply a small amount of moisturizer to the skin. More product may be desired and appropriate for overnight application.

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Melbourne, Victoria  


Taringa Yetman Road
Coolatai, NSW, 2402

Ph: 0413 516 878

I operate from both Melbourne, VIC, and Coolatai, in the north-west slopes and plains of New South Wales. Ingredients are sourced locally and from further afield. 

Please note: There isn't a show room at either location. 


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